25 Jan 2012

So much ignorance in one small message

An anonymous (little ‘a’) person used my contact form to say:

anonymous is going to hack this weekend for Facebook and they’re using a LOIC program that you can download from youtube to participate on the hack. WARN EVERYONE to take down their personal info from Facebook like a phone number, personal bank information, etc. THIS ISN’T A JOKE.


Anonymous (big ‘a’) is an activist group, not a criminal enterprise. They aren’t interested in your bank information unless you are a high ranking leader in one of the organizations they are targeting.

Using LOIC is not hacking. LOIC is a program used to hit a webserver with so much traffic that it can’t serve pages. This is NOT hacking. Secure information is not being accessed.

Most of the time when people say Anonymous “took down” a site, it means they used DDOS, not hacking. It is usually just a temporary annoyance and not much else.

BTW, do not use LOIC to participate in an attack unless you want to face criminal charges.

You can not download LOIC from YouTube. Someone may have posted a link on their video to the program, but the program is not being stored on YouTube.

Basic bank information is not valuable.  If you knew my personal bank account number, you still can’t steal my money. I give my personal account number to people all the time. Companies post their bank information on their websites.

Now… if anyone is putting their password, PIN number, or credit card number on Facebook, well they nearly deserve to have their money stolen, because they are too stupid to use money properly.


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